About OceanDiaries.com

A wise person coined the expression ”Waste is what is left when imagination fails”. OceanDiaries is a tribute to the ocean and sailing. Follow the everyday life of Cathy and Gaya, that are sailing and searching for creative people and solutions contributing to a sustainable world, a world without waste.

OceanDiaries.com is a blog and sailing expedition that will sail different parts of the world in order to document the everyday-beauty of our oceans and to create awareness about the fragile and severe state of our planet – a result of our massive production and consumption. Through meetings with passionate people and powerful lifestories around the world we want to highlight the effects of climate change on people and the ocean. The focus of the expedition is to find both big and small innovative and inspiring solutions where people live and act within the planets boundaries by reusing, redesigning and rethinking communities and businesses.

Why are we doing this

The western countries together consume as if we would have 5 – 7 planets. At the same time Brazil, China and India are moving towards the same consumption patterns. We take resources from our planet, we make things, and then we throw them away. This is the reason for why the mountains of waste are growing at an explosive rate across the planet and in our oceans.

The United Nations Environment Programme says around 13,000 pieces of plastic litter are found in every square kilometre of sea, but the problem is worst in the North Pacific.

The Great Garbage patch is an area of extremely concentrated waste in the north central Pacific Ocean. The size of the patch is compared with the size of Texas. Few people know that this garbage patch exists and even fewer know that there are four more smaller garbage patches spread out between the oceans.

Our take-make-waste system is a big threat to the planets biodiversity, forests are being destroyed, animals are becoming extinct and the fishing industry are emptying our oceans.

The purpose of the expedition is to document, create awareness and to inspire people to act in their local communities towards a society without waste by using their creativity and imagination. Our blog is our main tool for communication,  awareness spreading and through meetings and interaction with people we meet and that we learn from along our journey.


  1. Hi akka!!! you explore by sailing… we explore with oceandiaries… Lots of love…happy sailing..


  2. Hey girls and skipper, I am so proud of you all!! Looking forward to hearing more from you and hope we will meet again one day. Keep up and be amazing~ Kisses and hugs


  3. I am most impressed with your objective. Yes, some of the developed countries are just now starting to take notice but they are doing little. Developing countries do not have a clue and do not care. We need the world to become aware that this problem is growing at a rate that cannot be measured. More people have to see the damage it is doing to the oceans and sealife. Good luck and I hope the world learns of your site.

    Keep an eye on Tim for me too.

    Roger Olson.


    • Hello Roger, thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts with us=) I’ll keep an eye out on Tim for you, haha=)!
      Love and light,


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