Cabo Verde!

So the day we arrived was the same day our new crew was flying in to meet us!
Markus got the dingy out and took all the passport and boat papers and went a shore to see costumes and immigration with the kids.
The rest of us stayed on the boat and got our cleaning switch on!
We got some waves over the boat while sailing so the bilges needed to get clean, to be honest the hole boat needed a good clean after a week of sailing. It went  super smooth and Sara, Daniel Ben and I did a great jobb with it.
When Markus came back our crew had decided that they wold leave the boat and find a hotel for the last days they had on the island before flying home. This, so we could welcome our new crew onboard.
We went ashore, o well to a floating bar in Marina Mindelo, and the first thing everyone did was have a beer and get some good food, and Internet of course!
While interneting I got in contact with our first new crew, Jakop that had landed a couple of hours ago. He came and meet up with us.
I don’t really know what his first impression of us was.. because to be honest… we where all over tiered and i felt that my brain was not working properly.. it was just like “food, kids, sleep, we made it… whaaaaa” And there was not much more going on up there.. hahaha..
After a couple of hours, we got some stuff sorted. Jakop was going to show the others where the hotel was, he was also going to let the girls that where coming with a later plane know where the hotel was and we the family where going to have a night for our self on the boat, witch was very nice.
We ended up having a short but fun time here in Cape Verde. We did hang out with our new and “old” crew. There is a  music festival and there has been live music on the streets. We been out eating good food and just been taking everything in.
The kids have been profiting land life a lot, with a super cool playground really close to where we park the dingy.. so a lot of running around! witch is nice for them! ❤
I still haven’t really landed, and time has just flown by, and we are already getting ready for the BIG PASSAGE Over the Atlantic! Its a 2 week passage if everything goes good, it might take longer… so we been preparing the boat again. We filed up with water, did another big shopping for fresh stuff and just getting the boat ready.
The crew has been amazing! So helpful with the kids and to get things done.. and they are settling in really good on the boat!
Little Alizé is totally in love with Jakop also called “Big Giant”  and I haven’t seen her bee so loving to any “stranger” before.. its really cute.. first little crush.
Gayathri and Angelica are great and i think this passage is going to be awesome!
We are going to be out at sea for x-mas, so want to wish everyone a merry merry one. And hope you get to enjoy it with family and friends and all the love ones. We going to spend it hopefully with dolphins and whales and a lot of ocean!
And if we are lucky we make it to Martinique for new year, other wise we going to spend it our in the ocean and that is so find with us!
We let you know when we get there! With us luck and follow us on our journey
Love the sea monkeys
PS: sorry ir this blogpost got a little messed up.. i had it all ready and then it disappeared and i had to re-write it! and with time pressure…

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