The time has come!

To set sail!!!

We ara here, finally! Today we leave the Canary Islands to set sail to Cape Verde! Destination isla do sao Vicente, mindelo!

The crew has arrived! Ben, a friend of Markus from England. Sara and Daniel from Sweden are coming with us for are first adventure!

We did a massive food shopping, think we filled up 4 trollies, we went to IKEA and bought some boxes and things to organize all our stuff and all the little things before leaving!

The water tanks are full, the gas tank is full and the checkout is done!

All this with a little drama on the top of course!

Will have to give you the short version, but the check out was horrible, for me, because Markus left around 14.00 to Santa Cruz to the port captain, with all our passports and Alizé and no phone!

He came back at 22.00! I was getting really worried, but that’s how long it takes when you take the bus and it’s a public holiday…

I most be honest, I’m not doing great, 3 days ago I got this massive toothache and it got so bad that I had to go to the dentist! It showed that my wisdom tooth wants to come out and there is no space! And that’s why it hurts like hell! On top of that I have a bad bad infection both around my tooth and tonsils.. and an awful cough. So I’m taking antibiotics for that!

So yeah I haven’t been the best helper because Im so sick and this is sooo not how I wanted to be feeling for our first passage.. the crew is good doh and the kids loves them already and if everything goes nice and smooth we be taking around 5-7 days +/- to arrive!

Witch us good winds here we go!!!

Love the Beckers and crew!


  1. Bon Voyage!! Will be thinking about you all and looking to hearing about your passage when you arrive. Looks like a fun crew 🙂


  2. I hope you have a great passage! I am sure we will hear from you when you arrive. I hope you are feeling better too Cathy!


  3. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon!!! I hope you guys have a nice passage.. I’m so proud of you, livng your dreams!!! Love this family!!! 💕💕💕


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