First day at sea!

IMG_7747What a wonderful first day!

We have been sailing for 20 hours! And what a wonderful day it’s been!

To wake up with the sun and just have ocean around you is just one of the best feelings ever, everything is so peaceful!

And the best part is that we got some really good company on the way. We got visited by dolphins and manta-rays. It’s just been incredible! And not to forget, the coastguard also payed us a visit, checked our papers and went through the boat to see that we didn’t bring anything illegal. The guard that went through Gaya’s cabin got a funny face when he went through her locker with all of the indian spices;-)





Time to go! Love,
Cathy, Gaya & Markus


One comment

  1. What a wonderful journey you are about to have! Imagine that this is only the start and it’s already awesome! I love the site and I hope you’ll keep us updated with posts and a lot of pictures!!
    Love u all!// Anita 🙂


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