The amazing and incredible Floreana…


We been having guest on the boat for some weeks now. Witch has been so much fun as we get to see so many places and make new friends and get to see old ones again.

One of the places we been to, two times now is the island Floreana, witch is just amazing!

Floreana has only 160 people living there, so it’s the smallest little town, with some few restaurants, and amazing nature.


The history of Floreana is very interesting. During the eighteenth century  the first settlers of this island was whalers and pirates,  the pirates made handmade caves that they build next to the only freshwater soarers there is on the island.

When walking around there in some of the labyrinth rock formations there are there we where so lucky to see an owl!  It was the first time Markus saw a wild owl. We where all very excited and I’m super happy I got one good shot of it!

azilio de la paz


The little harbor where you go ashore is so nice as you get greeted by sea lions, huge marine iguanas and some pelicans and crabs. All at ones, so it’ always hard to get somewhere because you just get stuck there looking at these amazing creatures. 🙂




We did a morning trip with a local guy that took us to post office bay, lookout point called la baroness and corona del diablo. In the old days when sailors used to pas in post office bay they used to leave there mail in a wooden barrel in hope that some other sailor that was heading that way would take it with them and leave it to there family. When we where there we didn’t know that you still could leave mail there, so next time we go Im going to leave some postcard and see how long it takes to find it’s way home. 🙂




The look out point called “La Baronesa” was so beautiful, and from the lookout point we saw so many sea turtles from above, the two time we where there I think I counted around 15 to 20 turtles each time!



The snorkeling was incredible! We saw so many fish with different colors, sharks, spotted eagle rays sea turtles and of course sea lions, and one of the most COOLEST things PENGUINS!  The rock that just sticks out over the water is just amazing. We saw a lot of blue footed boobies! This bird is so so so, cant find words for it, I mean come on, it has BLUE FEET! 😀

Im going to try to make a clip of the snorkeling trip for everyone to see.. but it’s going to take some time as I’m not so got at doing that, but I will give it a go! So pleas be patient and I let you know when it’s up!

I use the words  amazing and incredible a lot in this post and there will be more, as we also went to see the giant tortoises and there are just AMAZING! We been so lucky that we been there in the morning around 8 am, as the tourist boats only come after 10am.  It’s only you and the tortoises and they are so friendly and not shy at all they just come up to you or just mate in front of you… hahaha!



Cathy with turtois

It’s been a great experience and a dream for me to be and enjoy this islands. Im the luckiest girl ever!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Much love







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