The days after the sail..

Kai watching the sunset

As you guys read on my last post, we did our first sail from el Hierro to Tenerife.

We are currently in a marina here in the south of Tenerife, called “Marina del Sur” in an area called las galletas, “the cookies” translated straight from Spanish.. 😀

Sunset at las Galletas

When we arrived we where planing on anchoring but then found out that you actually not aloud to, so we had no real option to get in to a slip. This is not what we usual do, like EVER, go in to marina and live the luxury life of just being abel to step of the boat straight to land, and having as much fresh water as we like same for electricity.

But here in the canary’s, on the ports that we been in, we don’t have a choice. Im not complaining, don’t get me wrong, I’m just getting worried that I might be getting spoiled!!! It’s going to be really hard when we have to watch out of how much water we are using, especially with the kids, when we brush there teeth and wash there faces, we do let the water run from the crane. This is stuff i worry about… haha

Marionette in the marina

And talking about water, we actually did have a little problem when we sailed over here! We realised that our water tank was leaking somewhere! because when we arrived some of our bigges where full with water!

We where getting really nervous as this is like the one thing that can not be brooken! So after a little rest we started to look around and took all the floor bords of the boat and started scooping up like 200L of water and drying everything. We looked around the engine where the hoses are connected to the water pump and saw that a hose had completely come of and thats why we where leaking! That was it! We reinstated it and our water pump is working much much better now! It must have been leaking, or almost coming of for a while, because the pump had been working extremely hard for some time… (oops) but we hadn’t noticed or more like hadn’t thought much about it, as we just figured that the pump was old and probably needed to get replaced soon. We where happy that we manage to solve the problem quiet fast, and that the bilges are dry and clean!


After all the preparation and excitement and nerves for the first sail, I got relaxed and of course got sick! This always happens to me and it sucks! So the last days I been laying in bed watching series and trying to get better.


Markus of course is the super hero husband and takes care of all the family. The little sea monsters have been a little sick to, with a cough, but I don’t understand how they can have so much energi. So we been to the playground and gone for walks to keep them busy.

Time just flies and in a week our first crew member will show up and we need to get ready for our longer passage! WOOHOO!! Still a lot of things to get done, so there is no time to be sick!

Wish us luck!




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