Let’s start acting like humans…


This is going to be a sad but very important blog post.

We are killing our oceans and we are doing it fast. Not a lot of people know how serious this is, because there is so much going wrong in our world, that this is just another thing to be worried about.

But this is a serious problem, we are overfishing the ocean, we are killing everything that we know we can eat, and we are doing it in a commercial way with advance technology that we are not giving the animals that we are fishing a chance to survive our monstrosity!

Let us take the tuna fishing, a lot of people loves tuna! Usually it’s kind of cheep to buy a yummi tin of tuna in the supermarket, and make a delicious tuna salad or sandwich. I know I did when i lived in Sweden. That was the only fish that liked to eat.

Then i found out that some fishing boats killed dolphins in the process and I got very upset and started looking for dolphin friendly tuna. At that point I felt satisfied, i was “helping” the dolphins by choosing a different brand, but little did i know that i wasn’t helping that much, it’s so much worse then that!

The tuna fishing boats are so crazy, did you know that they go out with helicopters and planes to locate the schools of tuna, when they find them they give the boats the coordinates and of they go, they catch the hole school of fish, and they don’t leave any. It’s not only the tuna that get’s caught, they catch turtles, mantarays, sharks, dolphins and other type of fish! They don’t leave anything out. Not a single little fish survives!

What are the consequences of that, well they don’t leave the young ones to reproduce, they have no chance of survival. the horrifying thing is as well that it’s not just ONE boat that goes out, there are hundreds of them.

Two days ago I saw a  documentary called “End of the line” and they where talking about the overfishing of bluefin tuna. They are now an endangered species, and they where telling the story that in Japan the biggest corporation of tuna fishing is Mitsubishi! And what they are doing now is catching and catching tons and tons of tuna, and FREEZING them all down, for later! FOR LATER WHEN THEY ARE ALL GONE, so they can sell them for which ever price they want. It’s going to be a delicacy that only rich people are going to be able to afford. This is just INSANE. They know exactly what they are doing, they know that they are driving this magnificent fish to extinction and instead of protecting it and change their way of fishing, they are using this as an opportunity to create good business for themselves.

Every time I  see documentaries like this, it makes me feel so angry, sad and I feel hopeless, i just want to scream as loud as i can! ” WHAT THE FU*CK IS WRONG WITH US”!

It really makes me cry, it comes to that point that i start feeling ashamed of being a human. I really think we are the worst animal on earth, how can we be so evil and not care?

How can we do this to our planet, how can we do this to our animals in the oceans and on land, how can we live with ourselves knowing that we are killing everything, how can we let it happen and live with ourselves knowing that we are not leaving anything  for our generations to come?!

Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel like “It doesn’t matter, I can’t do anything about it anyway”, “what can I do?”.

This are questions that I think everyone have thought about, when thinking about a “world problem”, and most just leave it at that.

As long as we have existed we have depended on the oceans for survival, it’s always been there for us, feed us, giving us life and now we are destroying it to the point that it  might never fully recover.

We have by now overfished  90% of our worlds oceans! It’s not just the tuna, it’s everything that lives in it, whales, dolphins, rays, turtles and even our sharks. AND FOR WHAT?  It’s really simple actually, it’s MONEY!  A stupid little paper with a funny man, woman or land monument or something like that on it! For this piece of paper we do everything or anything, we forget what’s really important, our planet, our ocean, home and animals.  We can’t really do anything about it either, it controls our life, we almost don’t have a choice, and we will have to live with that many generations to come.

And of course it’s hard, you feel like there is nothing you can do to make a difference, but there is, even if it’s just a small thing. Because we are millions of people that are thinking like this, and if everyone of us would do something THAT would make a difference!

We can not forget that we have a responsibility, a duty of taking care of the only planet we have that we are now destroying.

I know this is all very overwhelming, how can it not be. But please, think about it, take action, even if it’s just a little one, like taking a reusable bag to the store, instead of buying or getting a plastic bag.

Buy ecological and sustainable food!  Put pressure on your stores, ask them and yourself, where does it come from, is it local?  Is this tuna coming from a company that fish sustainably?

This should be an obvious act, so what if it cost 2-5 dollars more, isn’t your health worth it? Isn’t it worth those extra dollars if you know that it comes from a healthy non toxic farm and that you are supporting your local farmers?

There are many things we can do, we just have to start! We need to move pass that step that makes us feel hopeless, and just start ACTING!

Otherwise we are going to look back at this when our children and grandchildren will ask us, “You knew about this when you where young, so why didn’t anyone do anything?” and what will we answer them then? because of money? or just “We don’t know why we didn’t do anything. We did know that we where destroying the planet, but we just didn’t do anything about it”  That’s not good enough people, so lets start taking our responsibilities, and let’s start acting like humans.

Im going to end this post with a great quote from a great man: “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi


Here are some really good documentaries that you can see if you want to know more about this subject.

– End of the line
– Sharkwaters
– The cove
– Blackfish
– Earth


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