Masquerade/birthday party!


Last night we went to Mr EQUIS birthday party! We knew that it was a masquerade party, but we had no idea what to dress up like. We had to take what we had on the boat and at the end,  Markus dressed up like a gaucho and I like a gipsy lady. 😀 Or friend Laeticia that was coming with us was waiting for us at the pier dressed up like a hula girl!


When we arrived at the party we were early, and it had just rained hard for like 10 minuets, so Equis, Fede and some friends had to put everything under a roof. We had some snaps and after a little while more people started showing up. they made a fire on the back yard where they also had a little platform. The Dj was playing music and feeling it and we started dancing! The party had started. Then Equis starred to rap and Fede on the electric guitar and there we where, on their backyard with a bonfire dancing and having our own privet concert! It was just so freaking cool! More and more people started showing up dressed up like pirates, cats, mermaids, Star wars chareacters and so on.


We knew that we had to leave early as the water taxi stopped working at 23.30. But when we went in we had talked to Dany the taxi driver and told him that we were going to a party, he told us that if we weren’t back  at 23.30 he would leave the taxi on the pier and we could take it back to the boat and he wold come an get it in the morning….

We didn’t know if this was true or not, but we knew that we could find somewhere to sleep tonight if the party was to much fun to leave this early, and it was!

We danced, Equis hit the piñata with his samurai sword and candy, fake dollar bills and condoms flew all over the place. People were happy and the vibe was just AWSOME! The party moved on to one of the local discos and now we had even more space to dance.



Around 1.30 am we decided to see if the taxi was there or not, and believe it or not it was! We said goodbye to Laeticia and we jumped in to the taxi and Markus drove us home. 😀 So funny, and we are so amazed that Danny actually trusted us with his taxi. I mean it’s his boat that he works with, that’s how he makes his living. We were very grateful.



This was just an awesome surprise and party. Well  just  one of our “regular”  Thursday in paradise.





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