video Facing fears again..

This surfing never ends, and I think it never will..

We have been to Tongo again!

Markus really wants to learn surfing good as you all know by now, and me well I’m trying to face the fear and try to learn.


Well this day we got there walking, the walk to Tongo is like a 30-40 miniute walk. We got a shore and waited for Equis that wanted to join us as well.

Markus had to be patient…. hahaha


When we got to the beach there was nobody on the waves, well no surplice there as the waves where small… but that was good for me!


I sat on the beach looking at the little waves that where coming in and looking at Markus and Equis that jumped in the water straight away. Ones and a while there where some bigger waves coming in…

Okej I had been sitting long enough and in I went!!!


It was nice sitting there in the water, feeling the sun on my face, seeing the sea lions and the turtles.

But now it was time to try to take some waves!


I paddled and paddled, wohooo… a lot of times I was to slow. I try to think what Markus told me, “Paddle like you life depends on it, like a crazy person!!!”


By now there where some more people in the water, and I was lucky to make friends with a brazilian girl that took a little shot of me taking a little wave..:D


I got around 6 waves and once again I was feeling happy that Markus made me go with him… 😉



Surf’s up!


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