video Diving Course!

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 1.27.07 PM


We started our PADI-advance course some days ago. We need to do some dives that includes  navigation, deep- dive witch means going down to 30 meters, have to feel how it is to dive with a currant and las but not least a NIGHT DIVE!

So we went back to “leon dormido” and got to dive with our friend Equis, that also want to do the cours and with Laeticia witch was our guide for the day!

We went down to 31.1 meters!! Woohoo.. it was really a nice and relaxed dive, we saw some sharks, turtuels and black striped salemas again. And we got to play with a really nice sea lion to!

I put together a small little video, it took me a long time but I hope you really enjoy it, I made the music and everything… hahaha!!


Getting excited to do our ship wreck dive and our NIGHT DIVE… wiiiii






  1. Hej! Det där ser helt underbart ut!! En ruggigt bra video, du kan ju snart titulera dig naturfilmare!! Jag önskar i lycka till med resten av kursen och va rädda om er! Miljoner kramar från oss / Johan, Ellen & Vidar


    • Hej Fina Familjen!!
      Hahaha… va roligt att ni tyckte om videon… Naturfilmare… njaaa.. tror inte det.. men TACK! de värmer hjärtat! 😉
      Jaaa.. vi få se nu dom kommande dagarna kommer vi att göra nattdykningen.. woohoo.. sen är vi advance!! TA HAND OM ER! KRAM


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