video Sailing Galapagos- Marquesas


Here is a little video of our crossing!


It was a really nice passage! Sad to leave Galapagos, but we where not allowed to stay longer and Marquesas are really wonderful in a different way!

Hope you enjoy the video and sorry for the bad quality, the internet here is not that good..


Let us know what you think!


Cathy and Markus




  1. Älskar dina/era filmer!! Alltid lika roligt att få en glimt av hur ni har det! Mycket impad över Markus tårta på din födelsedag!! Ta hand om er! Kram kram


    • Tack Johan! Din kommentar får mig att bli bättre! Jag ska göra en ny film!!.. Marquesas är helt underbart! Hoppas den svenska sommaren är toppen!! Stor bamse kram till hela familjen!


  2. Hello you two!

    I’m so happy that we have met. You are such warm and genuinely nice people. I’m always eager for your updates.
    Wish you all the best and maybe we see each other at some point in the future.

    cheers, rupi


    • Hey smooth talker!!
      So nice to hear from you!! 😀 And thank you for the nice words! Same goes to you guys!
      Thank you for following us, and we going to try to be better… internet is not the best around this part of the world… 😀

      Big hug to the 2 of you!!

      Cathy and Markus


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