A Dream Come True!


Swimming with humpbacksI have just experienced one of the most amazing things in my life!


We where of sailing to Morea, and we where coming in in the morning motoring along the island as there was no wind. Suddenly Markus screams “Whales!”


Our friends that where with us and I ran out with cameras and we see this beautiful Humpback mummy and her calf checking out the boat, they where so close! They where beautiful!

they swam along for maybe 15 min and then they go closer to the reef, and we slowly followed them, as we where going the same direction.


Then Markus starts backing up the boat closer and closer and he is getting ready to go in the water!

” Are you jumping in?” I ask.

“YES!, there is no wind and no current, I can leave the boat drifting for a moment”

“If you go I go!

And then Nana said the same! “I go to!!!”


We all three jump in the water with our snorkel and start swimming to the whales.

We get super close and then just stop, they are HUGE!


The mummy had just finished nursing her baby, and they must have seen us floating around on the surface. They turn around and start swimming straight towards  us and are now around 4m from us!!

They make a stop, look at us for a moment and then they swim away!!!



IT WAS AMAZING! the moment they stopped and looked at us I was washed with this magnificent strong emotions, i started crying in my mask, had to empty it from tears and snood, hahaha…


We swam back to the boat and while  Nana was telling Kauli and Claudio the amazing thing we just experienced, I just sat there looking at the mummy and calf swimming slowly away, and again this emotions just came over me!



I cryed like a baby, because i felt that what i just experienced was one of the most amazing things EVER! It was pure magic! I felt that there was beauty in the world in a sense that i never experienced before. I cant really explain it, it was love, beauty, peace, connection, everything!



Kauli who was back on the boat took this amazing images with the drone, and i’m so thankfull to have them to remember this moment and be abel to share it with you!




Love and Magic



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