So we arrived in Kiritimati (pronounced Christmas ) Island after 11 days of sailing!

The first 5 days where not fun! head winds all the time, so we had to motor against the wind to make it before the 3 of november. This was the date we had as a deadline as our boss was suppose to come then!

I sleept the hole 2 first days… it was not easy neither for me or for Markus. He had to take all the watches as it was impossible for me to stay awake…

After the 5 days the wind changed as it was meant to according to the weather forcast we had looked at. and we could finally sail. It was really nice, sailing we where doing 6-8 knots and there was no big swell it almost felt like sailing in a lagoon…:)

Just the day before crossing the eaquator the wind died! and we had to motor for a coupel of houers before the wind came back again! Kind of crazy that the wind died just like that. You hear about this area and that it can bee that you dont get any wind. But it was actually the first time that happened to us. 😀

We arrived in Kiritimati in the afternoon, and suprice suprice we missed on hole day as the time line here is 24 hours ahead… and that actually means that this is the first place in the world to celebrates new years!

We called costums and immigration, but they where already close, so we had to stay on the boat.

We cleaned up a little and watched some series and of to bed! We where tired.

The next day the official came to the boat and we got to clear in to the country. They told us that they have around 10 boats a year here!

We went ashore to check the place out and Wow! soooo calm! no turist at all! We found some small shops, people taking siestas in hamocks in the shade.. it was really really hot!

We found a small hospital/clinic and I asked if it was possible to maybe make a ultrasound to check that everything was okej. The man I talked to told us to follow him and he led us to a little rome where a women was and I got to do the check up stright away! 😀 hahaha.. we payed 20 dollars and that was it..

The baby was doing super good and moving around like a little crazy thing…:D

We waled around the little village and made our way back to the boat.

The last couple of days we been cleaning the boat and getting ready for our friend that is coming! The boss could not make it this time, but at least we get to spend time with our friend Diogo how we meet in South Africa for the first time, when he was the skipper of itusca and we where on our boat Marionette!

It’s been 5 years sense we seen him so we are really excited to meet him again!



PS; the internet is really slow here, so I wont be abel to put up any pictures..:(

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