The land of dolphins and manta rays.

dingyAs you know Markus and I are in Kiritimati (christmas island). We have been here for a month now, and it’s totally beautiful!
If you read about Kiritimati on blogs on the internet, you find a lot of negative written about this island…
But the truth for us is totally the opposite! We’ve been loving this place from the start!

When we arrived we had only a couple of days before our friend Diogo and two of his friends were coming to the boat to film and enjoy the island.
We met Diogo on our around the world trip with Marionette. We spent Christmas and New Year together in Cape Town. He was the previous Captain of Itusca nd thanks to him we got this amazing job! It had been 4 years since we saw each other and we were excited to see him again after this long!beer


The guys arrived and they stayed for 25 days!
We had a great time together, the guys went surfing, speerfishing, snorkeling and of course filming. They are doing a super cool series for a Brazilian tv channel. They go to uncrowded places and surf or snowboard!

We got to help filming, and we had a blast! Markus went surfing with them too whenever he could…
One of the things that was awesome when they were here was that we moved the boat to the surf spot, and when we did that we were surrounded by dolphins!!!! It was amazing! I have never seen so many dolphins in one spot doing so many flips and turns and jumps!! It was GREAT!!

welfieWe where alone on the island for a very long time, until another catamaran came sailing in, TRIBE and we knew we had seen this cat ones before in Panama! One day they came by to say hello, and it was not the same people on the boat. We found out that the family that were on the boat before had sold it and a this new family had bought the boat and were heading towards Hawaii!
The family is amazing! They have 3 awesome kids, which are super cool and the mum Yogi is a midwife and her husband Steve is a pediatrician! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

TribefamilyI must admit that I have been freaking out a little about being so alone here, with no one to talk to about the pregnancy. The only thing that has been able to answer my questions was the app I have on my phone! Then suddenly here is this great family! I bombed them with questions and we had a great time together! Yogi and Steve helped us a lot and gave us calm and peace regarding all the worries that I have had. I must admit that I feel much much calmer… Even though I still can’t imagine popping out a little human from my body… BUT it’s natural! 😀 hehehe..

I’ve been doing good otherwise with the belly growing and kicking a lot! Been tired and hormonal a little but I have not killed anyone yet… 🙂
Markus can feel the kicks and the movement now, and he speaks a lot to the belly. He’s favorite word is “belly, belly,belly,belly” and he caresses it at the same time.. hahaha…

belly and dolphinsMe and “Belly” have been swimming a lot! We have almost daily visits from dolphins and Manta rays! The ocean life here is just amazing!
I think belly is going to be screaming after he/she comes out every time we see dolphins.. because that’s exactly what I do when I see them! I LOVE THEM! I jump in the water every time I see them and try to “talk” to the dolphins when in the water to try to get them to stay around me! Sometimes they come really close and swim around me, do some bubbles and then swim away! It’s AMAZING!! We see a lot of mummy’s with baby’s and the baby’s do a lot of flips! SUPER CUTE!!IMG_3820 (1) IMG_3819 (1) IMG_3822 (1)
If it’s not dolphins there are manta rays! They are just breathtaking animals! They are sooo big and it’s just amazing how they fly underwater!IMG_3823 (1) IMG_3824 (1) IMG_3825 (1)
The island that we are anchored close to is also just crazy cool! We call it bird island because there are just SO MANY BIRDS! And baby birds too!!! Just beautiful!


The time the guys were here did fly away, and before we knew it they all packed up their stuff and ones again Markus, belly and I were alone.

But not for long, as we have the best boss in the world and we get to have our friend Dallas, that we also met sailing around the world for the first time on Marionette, on the Itusca! He is coming to spend a week with us and we are super excited! AND the other person to come and visit is MY DAD! This is going to be his first time on Itusca, and he is going to stay with us and help us sail back down to Marquesas.
Im really happy that I’m going to see my dad again, and that he is staying for Christmas and New Years! But the BIGGEST celebration will be to spend his 60’s birthday with him!!!!



Love and ocean

Cathy, Belly and Markus


  1. Låter underbart, njut av alla faschinerande djur och simma som sjutton! Det låter så mysigt, tänk att ni får fira högtiderna tillsammans i paradiset! Ha det så fint och ta hand om Belly!


    • Tack Loppan!!
      JA detta är verkligen ett helt underbar plats!!! simmar varje dag!! o jag tror att vi kommer fira jul ute på havet.. o för hoppningsvis så kommer vi att landa någonstans i French Polinesya igen!! 🙂
      God Jul till dig o Aramis!! o alla djuren!! ❤


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