Nesting madness!


photo5First of all before starting this post I want to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAYATHRI!!!!” hope you are enjoying your birthday out at sea flaca!!! ❤

So by now a lot of people know that I’m pregnant I just entered  6 month of pregnancy and 3 to go!

It has been a little adventure for sure, the first 3-4 months where up and down. I got sick by all kinds of different smells, puked just a handfull of times, but made funny noises thinking I was going to all the time.

By this time we were in French Polynesia so there we got really good medical attention. I did blood tests and ultrasounds every month.

I think I had a real good first month, not that sick as a lot of other pregnant mommy’s.

Then we sailed to Kiritimati, and well I have been to two ultrasounds, and it’s been good. it’s much more simple here, and they don’t do the blood test or anything. But at least i know that the baby is fine!

So the last 2 month i have been freaking a little because I had so many questions about labor, pregnancy, things we need when the baby is born, ect. And as i told you in the previous blog-post I posted, we met this awesome family on a catamaran named “TRIBE”. The mom was a midwife and the dad a pediatrician! They helped us a lot and answered all my questions! As well as my girlfriends that have had baby’s that answered a lot of my emails!! THANK YOU!! 😀

So now I’ve been much much calmer!

I do yoga almost everyday, excesses my breathing and i have gone in to a NESTING period!

I been talking to my sister a lot to try to figure out what i need to have for the baby when it’s born and two things came talking to her and my other friends. A little bed of some kind, and a good thing to have is a boppy-pillow ( breastfeeding pillow) and a carrier.

I started googling these things and  I found a super sweet carrier, that i asked Dallas to bring for us as he is coming to visit! But the pillow and the baby nest i thought that I could sew it myself! The only thing is that i don’t have a sewing machine!

I found good sites where they showed how to make this two things and we went in to town and I found the nicest fabric!!! I was going to do this!photo4photo7photo6

I started by doing the patterns and then the projects began!!!

I been so hypnotized by sewing and it’s made me calm and relaxed that i cant stop! little bit like meditation. As soon as i was done with the boppy-pillow i wanted to start with the baby-nest!

It’s been a lot of “AJ” and “Ohoooo” when i pricked myself with the needle, but totally worth it!!

It took me around a week to finish both of them! And I feel like a proud Mami!! That i have made my baby’s first bed and a pillow that i am probably going to use a lot!!! 😀

And here is the end result!!IMG_3839photo1 (1)IMG_3838photo2

Maybe some of you can give me more tips of what i can make…as i said… still have 3 months         to gooooo…..

Proud Mami Cathy 😉photo3


  1. Oh man! You are so talented! Have you always been able to sew? Also, will the baby be traveling around on the boat with you two? Or will you go back home for a bit?


    • Hi Miriam! Thank you for the nice words!! I always liked to sow… but it’s been YEARS!! 🙂

      The baby will be travel with us on the boat… is our home…:).. we still going to go back “home” for a month or so to visit family and friends around end of may… so they get to know the baby! 😀

      How are you doing?
      big hug from us 3!!


  2. Hi Cathy!!! good mammy!! that is really cute what u made! will try n think of something you could do. Are you coming back this way? need something?
    HUgs to you both beautiful people!!


  3. Hej! Jädrans va duktig du är!! Barnet kommer sova och mysa som en tok i nestet! Skönt och höra att ni alla tre mår bra och att du har kunnat brata ut lite om förlossningen och allt! Ta hand om er! Kram kram


    • HEJ Johan!!
      Ja jag hoppas att han kommer sova gott i den!! efter alla gånger jag stack mig i fingret o skrek “AJ”!!! Hoppas ni får en fin Jul! o vi ses till sommaren!!! Bamse kram till er 3!!!!


  4. Hej Caty, jag vet inte om du kommer ihåg mig men din fina syster Anita och jag umgicks en del när vi var yngre:) måste bara skriva för ni e så galet tuffa med er segling och hela er livsstil! Grymt! Vad duktig du är på att sy, blev ju galet bra! Ta hand om er. //Linda Arousell


    • Hej Linda!! Klart jag kommer ihåg!! 🙂 Fuxvägen o lille vovven.. hahaha! Tack så jättemkt! Så roligt att du skriver! Alltid kul att höra att man är lite tuff …:) Vi gillar de!! Va hittar du på nu för tiden då?
      Ta hand om dig o ha en bra lucia, jul och nyår!!
      Kram Cathy


  5. Åh Cathy! Vad proffsiga de ser ut, du har verkligen lyckats och jag tror att ni kommer att använda dem massor! De är så snygga!

    Hoppas ni mår jättebra!!


    • Tack fina Loppan!! Det va roligt att sy! o jag måste säga att jag e väldigt stolt över resultatet!! hoppas den lille också gillar sin nya lilla säng… vi få se om några månader!
      och JA vi mår alla super bra!! Hoppas du me gör de!!!
      Bamse kram


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