FELIZ NAVIDAD from open seas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Feliz Navidad and God Jul!!!! =I hope everyone is having a wonderful Xmas with family and friends and that the most
important thing is that you are together and enjoying this time.

I’m lucky to have my husband with me here at open seas but also very lucky to have
my dad here with me to this year! šŸ™‚

Our celebration is just being together..Don’t think Santa wants to land on a choppy boat in the middle of theĀ Pacific Ocean! Yep! For that’s where we are right now! Sailing!

We areĀ on our 6 day of sailing from Kiritimati to French Polynesia and how it’s looking rigth now we be there in around 4 days or so! Wish you merry Xmas

Cathy Markus +1 and abuelo

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