Happy birthday DAD!



We where happy to make it to Rangiroa one day before my dad’s birthday as we got to this beautiful anchorage, we got to take a nice swim, relax and get a good night sleep!

In the morning today my lovely husband went running and got us some fresh baguette for a perfect breakfast after not having to much “yummy” stuff in X-mas Island and on the passage…:)

Orange juse, kiwis,banana, Nutella, cheese , milk and marmalade… GOOD STUFF!

Funny thing about this is that our credit card did not work when he needed to pay, but people are so nice, so they let Markus take the stuff, while he promised that he was going to come back in around 2 hours and pay cash! HOW OFTEN DOSE THAT HAPPEN… ANYWHERE?!  😀

Then we got ready to go in and do our prober check in to French Polynesia! We where actually lucky to arrive in Rangiroa as it’s an official entry port. Went to pay the breakfast stuff first then took a taxi to the next village so we could do the check in… no problem there… then post office to get recharge for our phone, and little sight seeing…

We had a nice lunch by the water front, where my dad enjoyed some local food, and he and Markus got to feed some really nice colorful fish with the leftovers!


After the lunch we went back to the boat to get a little siesta time, before going to an amazing place to snorkel called “The Aquarium”

The Aquarium was GREAT! beautiful coral and a lot of fish! We even got to see a little blacktip- shark. It’s great to be abel to show my dad such an amazing place…


But the day didn’t end there… we went to this amazing hotel that we just anchored in front of. And went for a good and luxury dinner!


It’s been a good day, and a little stay here in Rangi… we actually of again tomorrow morning to Fakarava!!! hopefully we make it there just before sunset for NEW YEARS!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! hope this year has been wonderful and that 2015 will be even better!!!

We sure been loving this year! We explored new places, made new friends, meet old friends, been married for 1 year, got back to the place where it all started and found out that we going to have a baby! LIFE IS EXCITING!!

Thank you everyone that made this year so special!

Much love from us 3 – Cathy, Markus + Baby belly ❤

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