So a tradition here in Marquesas is to plant tree for your baby, with the placenta underneath.

Screen shot 2015-04-12 at 12.15.54 PM

They say that the placenta is suppose to be kept in the dark so your baby can grow in the light…

We loved the thought of that, and luckily for us, the week after Kai’s birth there was a agriculture market in town!

We got super excited and went hunting for a tree for our Kai and found the perfect one, a AVOCADO tree!!

Both me and Markus love avocados, and the thought of that maybe one day in 20 years or so, come back to this place and be abel to eat avocado from our son’s tree, just puts a smile on our faces!

Finding the tree was not so hard, now we had to find a place to plant it.

There are a lot of goats, pigs horses and a lot of dogs running around here, so we needed to find a place where non of the animals wold destroy his little tree.

I don’t know if i have told you that we are friends with some locals here, that have a little snack place, here is where we get internet as well.

In this place there are two wonderful girls that work there, Sandra and Mariel. When we told them that we where looking for the tree and a place to plant it, Mariel said that she has a big garden at her house and if we wanted we could plant Toheas tree up there and she wold look after it for him….:D


It took some time to try to find a good time where the girls where free, but finally the 7 of april, we manage to go to the hospital, get the placenta that they had save for ous in the freezer, and then go up to Mariels house and plant our little Kai Toheas tree! 😀

Markus and Mariel digger the hole, and then I had to put the placenta in there and put the tree straight on top of it. 🙂



Now we hope that it will survive and grow up to a big and strong tree, and we hope that our little baby will grow up to be big and strong to….:)

Before leaving Markus is going up there again to get the GPS coordinate, just in case Tohea returns with out us and cant find his aunti Mariel or Sandra to show him the way to his tree..


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