Good bye marquesas.. Till next time!


We are getting ready to leave this beautiful place ones again and head to Tahiti with a little stop in the Tuamotus… the sail to the tuamotous is going to take us around 4 days or so, and from there to tahiti 2 more days…

We been having the most amazing time here cinse we arrived in mid January! It’s crazy how time flies…

Looking back on the time here this are the highlights in no particular order…

* Me super pregnant, walking around like i’m not pregnant…:D

This made me famous around the little town of Taiohae… and everyone knew who we where….:)



* Markus made a family tattoo…it’s such a beautiful tradition with the tattoos here in marquesas.

The tattoo culture started here in Marquesas, it was a normal thing to get tattooed and you had them to show witch tribe you belonged to, what status and also for beauty and protection.

Every tattoo told your story, and here is where it gets interesting. every symbol means something, and thats why I say that Markus made a family tattoo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.21.45 AM

As you might know or seen, my husband has a lot of tattoos. 5 years ago, he made a Marquisan tattoo, telling the story of travel, the connection to the ocean, friendship ect. Witch represented his life then. As he was traveling cinse one year, doing his curium navigation, the people and new friends he had met and was meeting.

This time he continued the tattoo on his arm, but this time all the symbols where telling the story of his new little family, US…:)


He put the symbols that represent Family, two families coming together in marriage, accepting a child in to your life, the power and strength to put your self in danger to protect your family, AND the nicest symbols of all for me is “my little woman” (thats me) , and of course the symbol for “my little cherished boy” for our little Kai Tohea.

I love his new tattoo! so much, just looking at him and then seeing all this beautiful symbols and what they stand for! just makes me so happy! This is his story, the story of his life…our life… just WOW.

I loved it so much that I also had to make one this time. I didn’t 5 years ago, and i regretted it for a long time. So after baby Tohea was born, I booked a time with Moana the tattoartist and got my self a nice tattoo as well telling the similar story as Markus. 😀

I love my new tattoo as well… 🙂 (forgot how painful it was do…so this might be my last one… )

* The people we have met here, that have given this place it’s wonderful memories…. our cursing family, it would  not have been the same without you…Thanks for everything, Rachelle and Patrick from Namaste, thank you for everything you did for us while in Nuku Hiva you guys are truly the best!


Josefina crew, Hannah, Diego, Gale, Brandy and Jason, for the wonderful party’s and food! Cora and Laurant from Black Pearl, Marco, Enrica and Pablo from Selavie, The dainish boys, Emil and Anders.




Of course our lovely girls from the snack, Sandra and Mariel, Toheas marquisan aunties. They have been so wonderful to us, helping us with what ever we needed and just made us feel so welcomed, To know that Kai Toheas placenta and his little avocado tree, is in Mariels garden and that she is looking after it feels great. we going to miss them a lot.


Screen shot 2015-04-12 at 12.27.10 PM

Inés, my amazing midwife I had here, thank you so much for being there for me/us, ALWAYS… You are so wonderful!!!


Also to Julian, Christan, Henry, Tiare, Paul, Margrit and many many more… Thank you for all the love you gave us while we where here! and for becoming our extended family.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.24.10 AM



*The snorkeling with mantas, Markus and Christan when snorkeling one day here in Taiohae and they where surrounded by huge Manta rays! Markus had never seen anything like it! He counted around 20 or more! That is a memory he will have with him for ever!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.15.36 AM

Paul, the ukulele master! This man is just amazing! He plays the ukulele like no other! He mask this beautiful ukuleles and we bougth one from him, and every sunday at 3 a clock he gives lessons at the Snack.



It was great going a shore, listening to this wonderful islands music and feeling Kai dancing in the belly. Markus learned a lot and now we have a great instrument that can take us back to this place anywhere in the world.


Markus trying out the V-1 and V-3. Everyday around 4 pm, Markus wold go over to this little piroge club and go paddling this cool canoes for 1 hour or so. He really loved it and he enjoyed the work out! 😀


* OF COURS the birth of our Baby Boy Kai Tohea Beckers, our wonderful little monster…he is truly a dream come true. this is such a cool new adventure, and we are sooo happy to have had him here in our special place. Marquesas is truly our “second home”. Here is where we had our most significant life events! Markus and I became a couple here, we conceived and found out that we where going to be perants here and Kai Tohea was born here!!!

We love MARQUESAS!!! and who knows what will happen next time we step on land, on this magical islands…..:D

To be continued……..


Cathy, Markus and Kai Tohea Beckers

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  1. Himla fint att få hela historian och se alla samband, man tänker inte på det när det bara är detaljer!
    Ha det helt underbart och lycka till på väg till Tahiti!
    Gud vad jag log när jag såg Kai på Instagram igår 🙂


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