The update and first sail!

Oooh my dear friends!

Im sooooo soooo sorry for the long wait!

Some times you just don’t have the energi and motivation… and sadly it has been the case for the blogg… but I’m going to be better! (keep motivating me with comments and sharing of the blogg and stuff.. then I do better! )

So here is the update.. some short version and long..

We went back to Sweden for a while to see family and friends and to celebrate our little baby girl Alizé’s first birthday! Crazy how fast she grows! so during that time we went back and forward and Markus stayed on Marionette and worked on her so she be ready for the crossing beginning of December!

And She is finally ready!! Well almost, people that knows boats will know that you are never really ever ready. But at least we feel that we can take her out!

Marionette had been on land for over 6 years, while we worked back home and on Itusca the catamaran. And finally we came back to her and made her seaworthy again! She’s gotten a real update and she is looking so pretty!

New deck paint so we wont slip when we walk outside, a new compass, new wooden doors in the saloon, new fabric doors on the storage lookers that i sewed, new patches on the sail, new VHF antenna, a brand new windless for the anchor and chain! (woohoo no more pulling up the anchor by hand, thats a big improvement! USB outlets for charging phones and cameras.. you name it! We been putting a lot of love and hours on her! And i LOVE MY NEW SEWING  MACHIN!

Before we knew it all came together, we got a perfect weather window to sail to Tenerife and we had to take it. Everything went so fast, time came to say goodbye to our friends in la Restinga and we had a little goodbye party on the beach. The kids played together with there friends they made here, and I felt the sadness, that I had forgotten that you get when it’s time to say goodbye to your friends that you made that after a while becomes you extended family. It’s a sad feeling but at the same time you feel happy, because you feel so much gratitude for the people that you meet. So thank you all the friends from La Restinga and see you soon again!

Lena our friend, was kind and volunteered to come with us for our first sail witch made my nerves at ease. As it was going to be our real first passage with the kids and we still have this issue that we don’t have an auto pilot… :/

Even doh it’s not a long passage (80NM) you still need to be at least 3 people that can help  out.

We left at sunset and Kai was super excited! We had explained to him that the boat was going to move much more now and if he wanted to be outside he needed to use his harness at all time! He got it, my big little boy and was happy to put it on and sit outside clipped in an all.

we where now sailing out of the marina and waving goodbye to our friends that blow the horn and shared some tears. It felt so surreal! OUR ADVENTURE HAS BEGUNE!

The kids where so excited and we got the most magical sunset! Kai was talking about dolphins and whales asking if we wold see some, as they live in the ocean. I told him that if we are lucky we will.

I was a little bit scared that if i wold go down below I wold get seasick, so i stayed outside for the first hour, then it was bedtime for the kids. They where great, like a normal day on the boat, playing walking around eating and getting ready for bed.

We didn’t have much wind at the start so we motored a bit, but later in the night we got all the sail up and manage to sail for some hours! it was such a great feeling! Marionette did awesome, 6 knots in light winds and no nearly no waves!

Markus and Lena did most of the watches and I stayed with the kids. Markus was really happy to be sailing and was awake almost all night just to keep track of things. He only slept 2 hours or something like that! Crazy captain! hahaha.

In the morning at sunrise we got company! DOLPHINS! We called Kai up to come and see them and OMG! This is way I want to sail with my kids! both there faces when the saw dolphins for the first time! WOW! Kai screaming with happiness and Alizé pointing and smiling! It was perfect!

We arrived in Tenerife in the morning and went in to the marina. Our friend Phillipe that we met in La Restinga was there to greet us and it was great to see him again!

We where all tiered and rested for a while, especially Markus, he took a nap with Alizé, while Lena and I went to the playground with Kai, that had a lot of energi in his little body!

We got ready to take the bus to drop of Lena that was taking the ferry back to El Hierro to reunite with here family. We thanked her I don’t know how many times for being with us and helping us on our first passage!

Now we going to stay here till the start of december when our crew will join us to cross to the Cape Verde!

But before that we have to do the last little things on the boat and the shopping for the crossing!

Love and Happiness

Cathy and family!


      • We are in NZ. Plan to stay for awhile. On the move south from Opua today. Steve has been freezing most of the time. Waiting for more summer like weather to head by car to the south island. Glad to see you are all back doing what you do!


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