New adventures!

I can’t believe that we really on our way again! And this time with TWO KIDS!!! OH MY GOD! WHAT are we doing!

We finally made the decision to go back to our beloved “MARIONETTE” our 40foot monohull. She has been on land for way to long, on the little island El Hierro in the canary islands.

As some people know, we been on land for quite a while visiting family and friends all over Europe. During this time we even got a new family member, our little girl Alizé Anuvai Beckers. She was born the 15 of October in Sweden… This is a story I’m going to write about in another post, because its a good story… hahaha.

It’s been hard for us, being on land for 1,5 years trying to figure out what we going to do and how. We been trying different things, but at the end it hasn’t felt right.

For me its been hard, not feeling that we have a place of our own, to be living on families and friends coutches, with two kids… its hard. At the end you feel like a burden, even doh they say your not. We are very lucky for the  family and friends that we have.<3

But it was time for us to go back to the boat, and our “normal” life, our floating house. And this time it is going to be different!

We been used to “Itusca” a 45 foot catamaran = BIG, compare to Marionette. With not much money, we needed to bring as much of our stuff possible, to not buy things we already have.

Also try to organise all our things  that we have, EVERYWHERE! This was truly a mission and I was on it, very early after we decided to go back to the boat.

And WHAAAA we had soon much stuff! How on earth do you end up with so much shit?! really?! I thought we where quite good at minimising, but we are not as good as we thought. hahaha…

At the end we ended up with;

5x 20kg bags,

1x 15kg bag,

2x 8 kg handbagage,

1 little backpack,

1 babybag

1 baby car seat and

1 bag with baby items !

img_5723AND I WAS FREAKING OUT! How, how where we going to make it just the two of us with the two kids, a (almost) 2 year old and a 4 month old?! I think Markus was freaking out a little bit to, but he wasn’t showing it to me, because he knew if he did i wold die!

One day before leaving and Im trying to minimise the things we bringing, but ending up finding  more stuff to bring (how dose that happen? really???) my mom comes to me and tells me, “try to relax Cathy, you are so stressed out…” And I really was… And then she said the magic words… ” If you want I can come with you guys to the airport, and help you with the bags and kids….” I start crying, it was such a relief, and my mommy just took them all away buy saying those words… I love her so much…

And here we where, on our way to the airport the next day, with all our lives packed on all these bags, with Kai and Alizé, on our way back to our boat. My stomach was crazy, I was having all theses feelings, I was nervous, excited, afraid, happy, tiered, more nervous, it was a real roller coaster of feelings.

But when I looked at Kai and how happy he was, just being on a train, not knowing what was happening, only that he was on a train, and just that, was an adventure for him, to see that smile, everything fell in to place and i knew we where doing the right thing!

img_5727In the airport we manage to check in the bags well in time, and had no problems with the little extra kilos that we had on each bag, it was a huge relief.

But it also ment that it was time to say good bye to my mom. Its so hard and sad, and again I was reminded that Kai and Alizé are so little and so innocent. Kai loves his “Oma” and he shines up every time  he sees her. To know that they not going to see each other for a while, made me so sad, and just writing it makes me feel like crying. And now we where on our own.

Kai had not slept on the train, (he usually has a midday nap of 2 hours) so he was extremely tiered. We manage to get some food before getting on the plane, but had to hurry to our gate. That was the most stressful part of the hole trip, as Kai feel asleep in the little trolly,  Markus needed to carrie him after that,  Alizé was in the carrier sleeping. I had the two hand baggage and Alizé woke up just as we where standing in line to get on the plane. I could not comfort her as i had both hand occupied and we where standing in line to board, I was sweating like a pig!  bouncing around. The girl on the counter saw that i was stressed and she was kind to let us pass trough priority and we where on the plane! got Alizé  out and gave her the boob and whaaaa… peace!img_5729

The plane ride to the Canary Island was alright, we got some turbulence halfway and of course while I was alone with both kids,  Markus was on the toilet at this exact moment and he had to stop “midway” trough his toilet visit,(poor Markus… hahaha) as he knew I probably was super stressed as i get so afraid this days when I fly. It didn’t used to bother me before, but now, i get terrified of any “strange” shaking of the plane.

We landed in Tenerife after 5hours and 30 minutes, at 21.00. The airport was nice and quiet and we took our time to get all our bags and walked out to grab a taxi. Everything went super smooth.img_5731

We are staying at a friends place here in tenerife and it’s just wonderful! It’s a nice apartment it has a pool that we can use and I think its going to be a perfect transition to stay here for some days, before we FINALLY GO BACK TO OUR BELOVED MARIONETTE!


Bring on the sun!


Cathy and the family






  1. Åh vad underbart!! Ni är så tuffa! Är så imponerad att ni följer era drömmar, helt rätt! Ska bli så spännande att följa era äventyr! Stora kramar!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tack så mycket Helena! och du är ju också super tuff! Hoppas Mauritius va allt du önskade! vi har många bra minnen därifrån! Och igen tack! är bra med pepp för att fortsätta skriva! KRAM! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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