We been in Tenerife in the Canary Islands for 4 days now and time flies!

As I told you in the last post we are staying here with a friend before going back to Marionette.

This wonderful friend is Laeticia, we meet her in Galapagos 2014! She was our diving instructor and she was the one to give us our “Advanced Open Water”!


It’s so crazy and cool how the world ends up, when we meet Laeti and invited her on the boat, she had never really been on one before. She got a little sick but mostly she liked it a lot, just to hang out and relax. At the end, she ended up sailing around the pacific ocean and now is a proud boat owner! SO COOL!

Her apartment here in The americas is wonderful!  She said that it’s only old people who lives here. We are enjoying it to the max anyways! Kai is over the top excited, as there is a pool that we can use, and he is swimming in it, every day!


The weather is just perfect to, not to warm but not cold either. Our days here are just flying away. We do stuff all the time. Go to the pool, go for long walks and just taking in as much vitamin D as we can and have missed so much!

Kai is normally a very happy kid! but now… HE IS OVER EXCITED AND HAPPY NON STOP! It’s wonderful! The first day after we arrived, Markus went for a walk with him and came home with at pair of sunglasses. He never takes them of, not even for nap time! he loves them! even doh they are a little to big! hihihi

The days at the pool! It’s colder then he is use to but he loves it! every morning when he wakes up it’s “Papi, agua!” and he points at the pool from the balcony!

Im ready to get in the water
Swimming with Papi
Swimming with Mami
Drying in the sun
Chilling while Kai takes a swim


We are truly enjoying our time here!

Im getting my sun that I missed so much… When the kids are down for there midday nap, Markus stays with the kids and I go down to the pool with my kindle and just soak in the sun! So much that of course I got sunburned the first day, but not to badly! 😀 it was totally worth it! hahaha

We planing to stay for 2 weeks before we take the ferry to El Hierro, where Marionette is.

Until then…. vacation….YEEEHAAAA!!!




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