Taking a walk!

So today was a little bit cloudy, so we decided to go for a walk with the kids!

It’s been fun for Kai to run around and see new things… without having to have a million cloth on! So when we ask him if he wants to go for a walk he usually say “YAH” and starts to put on the shoes and cap and of course the sunglasses.

Even doh it was a little cloudy the sun came out so little Alizé tried on hers to! It’s actually sunnis we got for Kai when he was a baby! She looked so cute in them and Papi was happy to show of his cool kids!

I’m so happy that just before leaving Sweden I decided to invest in a baby carrier! As we didn’t take the stroler with us ( no space on the boat!) . I had been looking at different ones and could not decide witch one to buy. Luckily we went to see our nice friends Johan and Ellen with there two cutepies Vidar and Malte. And Ellen tells me she has a Tula carrier! I got to try it and fell in love!

It was meant for Kai, but he is such a good walker so we are using it mostly for Alizé! The good thing about this carrier is that i can carry her on the back! witch is so much nicer for the back!

We went to one little play ground here and Kai was having a good time running around and looking at other kids. But the most fun part was when he saw the ocean! he started screaming “MAMI AGUA, AGUA! It was so cute!

It was also one of the first times he felt the sand under his feet! He didn’t like it at first and almost started crying and wanted Markus to pick him up! but after talking to him and showing him that mami and papi also have there feet in the sand it was Okej! hihihi

We been having a wonderful time, enjoying the sun and the pool.

But of course we have or little tantrums and bad moments, its just parts of being a family! Some nights we don’t get much sleep, Kai stops listening to us when we call him! It’s a really a big challenge for us letting him run around like this.. we haven’t really done it much. And to make him understand that he has to stop because there is a street close by with cars, and not to run away to far so he loses sight of us… well ,big challenge! But I think we going to make it, just have to keep practising! If you have any good tips for us how to make a soon 2 year old listen good to his parents, they are super appreciated! hahahaha!

During the evenings we usually go for a walk, we look around the souvenir shops the people and just enjoy the warm evening braze. But some times we just don’t have the energy to do anything and we end up staying in the apartment, working on the blog, the little videos for our youtube channel or just organising things for the boat. While we do that Kai watches some TV and sometime he wants to sit together with Alizé.

Well thats a little about our days here…hope you are enjoying yours!

Much love and sunshine!

Cathy and the family

And HAPPY  International Women’s Day to all the strong beauties that I know!

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