YouTube- Channel

Hey, Hola, Bonjour and Hello!

You haven’t missed that we have a YouTube channel up and running right?  Just klick on the “YouTube- channel” on the webpage and you get linked directly to the youtube site!


We are starting to do little video episodes about our  adventures as a family and our lifestyle!

Pleas check it out and remember to SUBSCRIBE!


We going to try to get a video out every 2 weeks and as we have so many wonderful friends and family all over the world we going to make them in different languages as well.

So we have them in English, Spanish, French and German! So look around the site and find the language you like!


Much love from us and hope you enjoy it and get to see a little about our life. 😉

Cathy, Markus and the little monsters (Kai and Alizé)



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