El Hierro!

So we are on our way back to El Hierro!
It was time to say goodbye to our friend Laeticia that was a wonderful host! We truly going  to miss her a lot! We had a wonderful time with her and she took such good care of us all! hopefully we see each other again soon!

So this time around, we travel with even more things! as we knew that there is not much things in el hierro, we wanted to stock up with thing that are much cheeper in Teneriffe, such as food and things for the boat.

During the weekend Laeti took me shopping for some blankets and sheets and all kinds of stuff for the boat and of course food! LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD!

I ended up buying a extra HUGE bag so i could fit all the things in…..(OMG, i know! )

so now instead of traveling with 9 bags we where traveling with 12! but this time I was prepared!

The ferry was only 2,5 hours and you pack everything in a van that the company provides and then I had organised a taxi to come and pick us up from the ferry terminal in el Hierro, I had also warned them that i had a lot a lot of things with me and that i needed a HUGE taxi!

The ferry ride was nice, or as nice as it can be on a ferry i guess… Im not the biggest fan of huge boats that smash in to the waves, it makes me dicy.

But Kai was having so much fun trying to walk around while trying not to fall when the boat was swinging. 😀  And Alizé was happy watching her big brother!

We arrived in the late evening, around 21.00 and jumped straight in to the taxi who drove us down to la Restinga. Kai feel asleep straight away on our way down to the south of the island and it took us a good hour to get there.

We are renting an apartment here for the time being, as the boat is on the hard. So not until we back in the water we truly moving in.

Its the safest, as we don’t want to carry the kids up and down the lather for every pee pee or poo poo and it dose not feel 100% safe being on a boat thats not in the water, especially when its over  3 meters down to the grown!

We all feel asleep like babys that night after the long journey and dreaming about Marionette! Tomorrow we finally going to see her! ❤

We so close!!!!



  1. Skönt och höra att resan gått bra och att ni haft en skön tid på teneriffa! Hoppas allt går bra med Marionette och att tiden på land inte varit allt för hård mot henne!
    Ellen och jag blev helt till oss när vi läste ert inlägg om bärselen 😆
    Ha det toppen och vi tänker på er!
    Kram från oss!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hej Johan!
      Va roligt att ni läste bloggen! 😀 klart att ni ska vara med i den i ett litet inlägg, eftersom det var tack vare er som jag nu har min favorit sele för barnen! ❤

      Hoppas ni också haft de fint i värmen!
      kramar från oss


  2. Hermosa toda su aventura pero también mucho trabajo..para los dos,con sus dos angelitos que tienen que cuidar como lo más valioso que tienen en sus vidas..Un abrazo muy grande y toda la suerte que se merecen..Mamá..

    Liked by 1 person

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