Work, work, work!

It’s been a crazy crazy week!
We been working like crazy on the boat and everything just take soooo much time! And it feels like we don’t get anything done anyways thanks to the kids ! hahaha
When we decided to go back to the boat and we where tying to plan our tip, we thought that we where going to rent an apartment for 1 week and then be in the water living on the boat! SOOO wrong we where!
Reality is that we almost been a month in the apartment and not even close to moving the boat to the water yet!
Markus said that it feels like everything he touch breaks!
A lot of things where broken and we needed to get new stuff and as they don’t have it here in the Canaries we ended up having to order the things from the UK or other places.
We orded a new battery bank for the boat and have ordered new solar panels so we have enough power for the boat and be abel to charge all our stuff! The batteries have arrived but not the solar panels yet… But Markus have been working on sorting out all the old and bad cables so as soon as they arrive hopefully it will be easier to install them! This is one of the things that I love living on the boat, self sufficient and clean energy!
We also been taking stuff out that we don’t need like the heating system that didn’t work, witch took a lot of space. Ordering new engine parts as some cables where coroded. The old oven we had to  get rid of to, and hopefully we get the new one in a week or so, but thats a bugger because we won’t be abel to cook while on the boat before we get the new one.
We also ordered new madrases for the beds and the saloon as they hadn’t been changed sense the boat was builded in 1989! About time!
This has been my task to do and it’s been a little stressful! Here in el Hierro, where we are, there is nothing! or there is and it’s super expensive.
A friend from the canaries told me this ” Remember that you are in the most southern  island of Europe, and that everything is much slower there”
And it’s so true! So for getting this madrases I had to order them from Tenerife, and get them shipped to el Hierro. And it’s been a pain! We still haven’t gotten them and tomorrow we have to leave the apartment and we don’t have anything to sleep on, on the boat! So I been calling and texting and begging and argued for a couple of days, and they actually send them today so hopefully we get them tomorrow!!!! I really don’t want to sleep on the floor with the kids! we will see……


But the big surprise was when Markus was trying to move the weal and it didn’t move! The rudder was stuck, didn’t move a bit! if the rudder don’t move we can’t steer the boat at all! no way we can go in the water!  Markus tried a lot of things but with no success, at the end he told me,
” Cathy, I need a big ass hammer so i can give the rudder a big bang so it falls down…”
I was really scared that that could damage the boat in some way, but he told me that if he didn’t do it like that he might have to cut the fibreglass and that would definitely not be good, so he really wanted to try this. But where do we find a huge hammer?!
It was like the universe heard his wish and the next day there was a truck with some rode workers and they did have a hug ass hammer that he could borrow! He banged the rudder with all his force a couple of times and finally it came lose! with out damaging anything! But then we got another problem…we still couldn’t get it out! because its to long and we actually have to lift the boat to do that!
So more hassle before we can get stuff fixed as we have to order new parts for it….so this is one of the big problems that we have right now….
But for now we been concentrating on getting the boat liveable,cleaning and cleaning, as from tomorrow we will have to leave the apartment at noon as its fully booked and move in to our beloved Marionette! Its not ideal and we wold have loved to have her in the water before moving in, but that is not going to happen.
Kai can’t be more happy about this, as he’s been wanting to go to the boat every day! Im a little nervous as we have to climb a big ladder up to the boat, it will be fine but its going to feel so much better when we in the water!
Thats a little update on what we been up to so far! I be better on keeping you updated!
Tomorrow we move in to the boat!!!!!


  1. You can do it!!! You will be on Water soon !!! She was alone for a long time bit you will make her pretty And Nice !
    Take it easy And do not hurry !

    Liked by 1 person

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