Alizé Anuvai Beckers

My baby girl turned 6 months today! Time it’s such a funny thing! I remember when i was little a week was like an eternity, and now, 6 month just flies! Crazy!

Im going to tell you the story of our little Alizé!

While pregnant with her, we where spending some month in Belgium to visit Markus family. We did think about maybe having her in Belgium but then decided not to, as we remember the hassle we had to go trough for Kai to get all his Swedish papers. So we looked when I could fly back to Sweden the latest. I could fly home on week 36 if I had a paper from a doctor saying that it was ok for me to fly.

My pregnancy with Alizé was not much fun, I couldn’t do much at all the last months as I had quite strong contractions way to early, so the doctor that I was seeing told me that I had to rest, a lot! and that is not so easy when you have a little 1 year old running around wanting attention.

But any how, I did went to the doctor the day before our flight back and she told me that everything looked good, and that it should’t be a problem to fly, even doh I had a lot of contractions. So she gave me the paper!

Next day, Markus dad drove us to the airport and OMG it was such a long drive and the freaking belgium roads are horrible! So many bumps I thought I was going to go into labor right there, not mention that we got lost and had to drive around for extra 30 minutes!

I did make it on the plane, but I was having strong contractions, I was a little scared, and I just wanted the 2 hour flight to be over as soon as possible! In Växjö airport my mum was waiting for us to take us home. I was not feeling good and she made a joke saying “You want me to drive you straight to the hospital? hahaha”

I told her “No” and she saw that I wasn’t faking the pain. We landed at 18.30, back home I was timing the contractions, I knew if they came every 5 minutes and lasted around 1 minute I had to go to the hospital!
I really really didn’t want to go in to labour now! This was a Friday, and on Monday I was going to meet a lady named Heidi how is a dula. I been talking to her while in Belgium because I was so upset by how the system is in Sweden. That you don’t know the midwife that you going to have when it’s time to have the baby, that no one really follows and support you and your partner all the way from pregnancy, to birth and after the baby is born. I was having so many worries, what if I get a midwife that i don’t like?, that don’t speak good english so Markus understands? Isn’t this suppose to be a magical thing with out any worries?

So yah! I was freaking out, because here I was just landed with the plane, no hospital bag ready what so ever, not knowing where to go in the hospital, and then i don’t have anyone there for extra support with all these questions!

So I called the hospital telling them that i was having contractions, every 5 minutes, they told me that it could be the pressure from the flight, and that i should take some paracetamol and wait for 1-2 hours. If i don’t get any better, i should call again and then maybe come in to the hospital.

While this is happening, my mum is giving Kai food, and spending time with him as she hadn’t seen him for a while! Markus it unpacking our stuff trying to make a hospital bag just in case, and Im freaking out!!!!

Leaving the hospital

I call Heidi, “Hi, it’s Cathy, I know we where going to see each other on Monday, but I think I’m going in to labor now, and I have no idea where to go in the hospital, I’m freaking out!”

Heidi, tells me that if I want and both me and Markus feel comfortable she is happy to help and can meet us at the entrance of the hospital. That its an “emergency” case, and that she is happy to help!

OMG this angel, I feel such a relief, even do i didn’t know her, I been talking a lot with her for the last month and I knew she was going to be a good support.

At 20.30 we where driving to Växjö hospital, my sister was driving, Kai stayed with grandma, Markus and I in the back seat, me screaming in pain! My poor poor sister! She was not used to drive my mums car, so i think the car died like 2 times in a traffic light and i know she did break quite hard 1 or 2 times… We did make it, and Heidi was there waiting for us at the entrance with a wheelchair, I was in soooooo much pain!!!

When we arrived at the birthing floor, no-one was letting us in! I think they let us wait for like 15 minutes before they bussed us in! WTF! This was not a good start!

Then they put me in a waiting room, with the monitor to see my contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. But no-one came to see how much I had dayeladed or nothing! I thought this was going to be quick, but oh no, i was wrong! We must of interrupted there *fika time and there was a shift- change. While this is happening, Heidi is talking to us, trying to calm us down a little, reassuring us that everything is going to be fine, asking what things are important to us, also in between I’m screaming in pain, and thinking “was it like this with Kai? , yes, WHY did i put my self in this position again! I don’t like pain! MARKUS what did you do to me!!! GAAAAAA, WHERE IS THE DOCTOR, THE BABY IS COMING! ”

The midwife comes in, tells me that i have to lie on one side, (that hurts shit loads!) because otherwise they can’t hear the baby’s heartbeat, she leaves, come back after 5 minuets, and tells me that she is going to give me a shote of bricanyl, to calm down the contractions, Im in total confusion, she doesn’t explain anything to Markus or Heidi, and she gives me the shot!

First time with grandma 

Ok, the contractions calmed down a little, still painful, but not as freak went as they where, but then I start to shake uncontrollably, I know what Bricanyl dose to my body, I took it when I was little for my asthma, in a small doses, and i had to stop as I shaked to much. The nurse comes in, and then thank goodness Heidi stepped in, and told her of! “You can not just give her something with out informing her or the husband! they must give there consent! You break the law by doing that!” The nurse totally choked, tells her that she did tell me, and quickly walked away.

This was not a good start!

To make this story a little shorter… I ended up having a young midwife that was not the best, she was doing everything streaked protocol, so when we questioned and asked why and for other options, she was not much of a help!

My sister came, after parking the car, and asked if she could stay 😀 witch was nice.

Heidi was our rock! Explaining everything what was happening, translating for Markus, as the nurses where so bad at speaking english to him! Witch made me super angry! Attending to me, to see if I needed water and how I was feeling, encurange me.

Here is what happened at the end, because they gave me bricanyl, Alizé heartbeat raced, and didn’t go down when I didn’t have contractions, witch it normally suppose to do. That made the doctor worry so they wanted to put an electro thing on her little head so they could monitor her properly. That meant that they had to break my water. I tried to prolong it, as i didn’t want them to break my water if it wasn’t necessary. But at the end they did anyways.

I was having so much pain, and tried the gas, that didn’t help one bit! so the midwife asked if I wanted an epidural, I said YES at the end.

Then everything went super fast, the young midwife checked how much I was dilated and I was 9cm! I knew that at 10cm i can start pushing! Then she tells me ” do you want the epidural?”


Then suddenly 4 nurses or midwifes are in the room.. talking, and i start pushing! I don’t give a fuck! IT’S TIME! Heidi, Markus and Anita are there, and I tell them that Im pushing now and I do. The Doctor comes and in 3 pushes Alizé is out!

Alizé in my arms! 

We told them NOT to cut the embelicalcord until the blood has drained out of it, and the stupid nurs still wanted to put a needle in it, “NO! that’s stopes the transfusion! YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?”

Meanwhile  they wanted to examine her, and I just wanted to hold her and breastfeed her as soon as possible “GIVE ME MY BABY!” midwife; “I just have to check her” “GIVE ME MY BABY NOW! i growled! They did the necessary check and handed her to me..

They must have thought that we where the weirdest couple EVER! with all theiese demands.
I must admit it was a super stressful delivery! From contractions on the plane! Thank god she wasn’t born on the plane! To all these nurses that where no support at all. But I had Markus, my sister and Heidi! They made the hole thing good! And Now i had my little ALIZÉ ANUVAI in my arms.

Kai with his little sister for the first time


She was born the 15 of October 2016 at 00.28, 47cm long and 3096g! she didn’t make a pip when she came out, just like Kai.

Alizé is a french name, and it means tradwinds, Anuvai is  her marquiesan name and it means something like “the eyes that reflect the soul of the ocean”

Our little girl has been a joy for the 6 month she’s been with us, she is such a happy and calm baby. In so many ways a lot like Kai but at the same time not. She is such a little fatty and a little drooling monster! So we call her “Caracola” witch is snail in Spanish. 🙂

And that’s her story.

Much love

Alizé + family

Sleeping beauty 

With her cuisines
She loves her brother 

First christmas 

Chilling by the pool
First time in the water! 
All dressed up for Kais 2 birthday! CARACOLA

First time eating avocado
Im 6 month today! 
6months today, eating mach potatoes and carrots! 

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