Back in the water!

Hi everyone!

it’s been a real long time sense i wrote…. again… i know… its just been a little to much and fast decisions!

Markus is working hard on the boat and getting Marionette ready to go back in the water.


And i know this as i been talking to him everyday trough FaceTime.

Yep…. Im not there!, I  had to take a fast flight back home to see my wonderful grandfather that is not doing good. It was a fast decision, from one day to the other.


It was not an easy thing to decide, as i didn’t know if i was going to take both kids with me or just Alizé, at the end i decided to take both of them with me! Scary, as i never really been alone with them! Markus has always been there…

SO yes, thats the reason I haven’t been writing and keeping you updated… but now I had to write to tell you that Marionette finally is in the water!!

Markus splashed her in today! Its been almost 6 years!! Im so excited and so sad that im not there to witness it…but im happy to know that when me and the kids come back in one week, we be living in the water!!!!!



Also, while goon, Markus computer charger brook…. and he couldn’t edit a new youtube video… !!

So ye sorry for the delay, hopefully it will be up soon now that there isn’t soooo much work anymore!

We just got posted on a blog, so you can read a little about our story there!

here is the link:


Many kisses and pleas send good energies ❤

Cathy and the kids

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